Case Study 1

Delivery tracking app for a large fast food chain

Project overview

The Product

BFC app is a regional food delivery app for suburbs of a metropolitan area. BFC app makes it incredibly easy for you to discover restaurants and order food you want and track your food delivery as quickly reliably and affordably.

User Research (Summary)

I conducted interviews and created empathy maps to understand the users I’m designing for and their needs. A primary user group through research was working professionals who don’t have time to cook meals due to their busy schedules.
This user group confirmed initial assumptions about the BFC fast food delivery tracking app, but research also revealed that time was not the only factor limiting the users from cooking at home. Other user problems included obligations, interests, or challenges become the major driving force to make them ordering food from restaurants,tracking the order and get it delivered at home.

User Research (Main Point)


The working adults are too busy to spend time on maeal prep.


Order tracking apps are not well equipped with assistive technologies.


Using the app and filling long details information into forms often makes it challenging while the text are so tiny.


Support associate challenges.

User Persona

Problem statement:

Jones aderson is a digital marketer who does a full-time job along with freelancing. He needs to fix his food without going out to eat through a delivery app because he wants to dedicate more of his time to professional development.

User journey map

Mapping Jones Anderson's user journey revealed how helpful it would be for users to have access to a dedicated BFC fast food delivery app.

Starting the Design

Paper wireframes

Taking the time to draft iterations of each screen of the app on paper ensured that the elements that made it to digital wireframes would be well-suited to address user pain points. For the home screen, I prioritized a quick and easy ordering process to help users save time.

Digital wireframes

At this stage, I created digital wireframes to test with some users and demonstrate the functionality of the app. As the initial design phase continued, I made sure to base screen designs on feedback and findings from user research.

Digital wireframes

Another main goal was to facilitate users to see how the order is in progress and track the order.

Low-fidelity prototype

Usability study: finding

Round 1 findings

Round 2 findings

Refining the Design

Early designs allowed the current location service in the bottom menu but after the usability study, I removed the additional location icon and made the menu easier to navigate through the app.



The second usability study revealed that selecting flavors to check boxes is visually too tiny to select.

High-fidelity prototype

The final hi-fidelity prototype presented cleaner user flows for selecting a menu, checkout, and order tracking

View High-fidelity Prototype

Accessibility considerations


To make app more accessible for the people who are historically underrepresented. Provided access to users who are vision-impaired through adding alt text to images for screen readers.


Used icons to help make navigation easier.

Used detailed imagery for meal menus to help users batter understand their order value.

Going Forward


The app users think that BFC has really solved their need for food approachability.
One quote from peer feedback
The app makes it so easy and fun to order food and track the delivery in real-time. I would definitely use this app
What I learned
While designing the BFC app, I learned that the first ideas for the app are only the beginning of the process. Usability studies and peer feedback influenced eat iteration of the app designs

Next steps


Conduct another round of usability studies to validate whether the pain points users experienced have been effectively addressed.


Conduct more user research to determine new areas of need.


Iteration, iteration and iteration.


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